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View Diary: Lieberman, Chafee To Hand Political Gifts To Their Opponents (321 comments)

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    Guess how completely stupid I felt when Bush made it abundantly clear to me in his first term that there were major differences between the two parties and that by withholding my vote for Gore I helped elect Bush.

    That's a common and offensive claim, and should be beneath us.  I am continually embarrassed when Democrats insult people for voting their conscience.

    -- E pur si muove.

    by asdfasdf on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 11:12:59 AM PST

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      If you really want to make it possible for Democrats with backbone to win elections.
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      To whatever extent I am insulting others in that paragraph I am also insulting myself. But I don't consider it an insult.

      There's nothing wrong with voting your conscience. There's nothing wrong with refusing to vote for a guy that you don't believe in. I've done it myself. However, as a practical matter for the foreseeable future, your vote only matters relative to the current two-party system.

      I think your conscience could compel you to vote Democratic. Mine does. We can't allow the Republican party to remain in power. As I tried to make clear in the paragraph that followed the one you quoted, I am not arguing that you should ignore or compromise your values. I'm arguing that the best way to act on your values is to support Democrats and change the party that best shares those values. I think the most effective way to give your conscience voice is to vote for the Democrats.

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