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View Diary: Gang of 14 Finally Disbands. Or might as well, anyway. (107 comments)

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  •  he did not spit in their faces (4.00)
    they are with him

    the earlier nominees should have been filibustered

    this 'brilliant' deal was always a surrender and a sell out and i would be amazed if anyone who signed on to such a deal objects

    the other senators are GRATEFUL to graham for his actions

    Politics is not arithmetic. It's chemistry.

    by tamandua on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 10:54:25 AM PST

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    •  Lindsey Graham and the Gang are Extraordinary (none)
      As I've commented several times over the past few days, it is Sen. Graham who is extraordinary.  The Bush Administration effectively hijacked the Senate with the "Gang of 14". Sen. Graham was the Trojan Horse. The President could have nominated anyone he chose, after the deal was struck, and his nominee would have passed.  But of course, it was sheer political genius because they were able to spin it as preserving the integrity of the Senate when in reality the Gang essentially stripped the minority of it's last legislative tool. In one fell swoop, the Administration and its Trojan Horse, Sen. Graham, defanged the Minority party. And all this happened with the  acquiescence of the Minority members themselves.

      The Gang of 14 is extraordinary in itself in that they effectively stripped the Institution, that same Institution whose traditions and practices they swore they were upholding, of its final and most effective means of preserving the integrity of the Supreme Court.  They effectively neutered the last of the "checks and balances" in our Constitutional form of government. Instead of a nation founded and preserved by the rule of law, they substituted with themselves, the rule of the Gang. Unfortunately, few realized what a power grab it was at the time. Now we know that the President effectively will have carte blanche with any future Supreme Court nominee.      

      One issue that I find interesting is how the media keeps repeating that the most important players in this whole Alito Debate were the Gang of 14. But, not nary a mention was made of the fact that Sen. Lindsey Graham, a key member of that so-called moderate group, was not only a questioner, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, of Judge Alito, but was also one of the key people to prep Judge Alito for his confirmation hearings.

      Given the clear conflicts of interest of Sen. Graham in his dual roles as coach and preparer for Judge Alito while at the same time acting in his Constitutional role in "advising the President" one wonders how Sen. Graham could have beem considered to be an honest broker among the members of the Gang of 14.

      As an Administration pointman for Judge Alito, I wonder how the other members of the Gang of 14, those supposed moderates who reportedly cared so deeply about preserving the institution in which they served, could have had any confidence in the role that Sen. Graham may have played as a member of the Gang.  I hope that someone will get the opportunity to ask them.  

      Although this Gang has been held out to the public, both by themselves and by the media, to be the conservators and protectors of the Senate and its practices, it would appear that they have an Administration Player in their midst.

      Sen. Graham must surely be a very talented man to have worn so many hats in this debate ... Administration Pointman .... Preparer of the Nominee ... Powerbroker ... Senator ... but honest broker?  

      If Sen. Graham has not compromised himself, let alone, the Gang of 14, then perhaps the "Gang of 14" charade can continue for the next nominee.  But must other Senators and the media play along with it?

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