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View Diary: Gang of 14 Finally Disbands. Or might as well, anyway. (107 comments)

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  •  Graham coached Alito to lie (4.00)
    about Concerned Alumni of Princeton. Not only did Alito lie about membership in CAP, Alito lied by saying he didn't remember what CAP did. You won't find a single Princetonian graduating between 1972 and 1987 who has forgotten about CAP, nor about the guerrilla tactics used against women and minorities on campus (including a 1984 incident which gained national notoriety [pdf file]).

    CAP was closer to a terrorist organization than anything else, which is why Alito was encouraged to "forget" all about it. Shame on our media for not telling the truth about CAP and its victims.

    "And I hope you'll understand if any of us come before a court and we can't remember Abramoff, you'll tend to believe us." - Senator Lindsey Graham.

    by QuickSilver on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 11:19:31 AM PST

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