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View Diary: Gang of 14 Finally Disbands. Or might as well, anyway. (107 comments)

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  •  Majority of Liebermans? No thanks. (4.00)
    Why even bother with a so-called "majority" when they are like the DINO Lieberman and Nelson?  Did Zell Miller help the dems in any way?

    No, it is time to primary every one of the Bush suck up dems like Lieberman.  Scalito will turn his "Unitary Executive/Dictator" theory into reality.  Will Bush even step aside in 2009?  Why should he, only the dictator Bush knows what's best for America, according to the RWCM, sell-out dems, and Bushite scum repugs.

    •  check out Lieberman's (none)
      voting record+interest group ratings sometime.

      They're half-decent. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut and stop attacking Democrats, and he's waaaay too hawkish for my tastes.

      But I'm not sure he's so bad that he's worth distracting time and resources away from defeating Republicans. I'm not sure anyone on this list is.

      As for Nelson. He's from Nebraska. He's what you're gonna get from Nebraska, much like Olympia Snowe is what Republicans are gonna get from Maine.

      Republicans aren't evil. They're just wrong.

      by AnnArborBlue on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 11:47:30 AM PST

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      •  Not only is Lieberman (4.00)
        hawkish, but he says that we shouldn't criticize the President in a time of war. Hmmmm, seems to me that this war on terror is ongoing and never ends.

        Oh yah, almost forgot. Lieberman is unabashedly pro-torture and was annoyed at the uproar of those opposed to torture.

        •  Lieberman kisses Bush (none)
          Check out the photos from the SOTU.  Lieberman is one disgusting person, and has actively worked against the democrats for years, starting in 2000 when it was 3 against one among those at the top of the tickets.  So Joementum, you believe that a "military" voter doesn't have to follow the law?  Is that why you wanted to count those "military" votes that were cast AFTER the election?

          Sounds a lot like Bush, the laws don't apply to him either.

          Lieberman also supports the "unitary dictator" policy of Scalito, and of course this lazy jerk also voted for "Heckuva job" Brownie on his committee.

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