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  •  I donno (none)
    By registering Red, what do you get? To vote in republican primaries? I grew up in an increasingly conservative area of MD, and I would tell you to take it to the public. Talk politics to any of your Republican friends. Write LTEs to the Local Paper espousing a non-republican view. Respond to every editiorial and opinion piece you see. Counter the "Democrats support failed social programs (read: Dems pay for those $%^& bums)" memes. Try to explain why the tax hikes the Dems support aren't bad. LEt em know that the Dems don't wanna take their guns, nor bar them from worshipping the God of their choice. Ask 'em how Republican Economics has benefitted them over the years.
    •  I can't crusade for the Dems here (none)
      But I can try to tear down the Republicans.  

      The republicans are too much in power here to convince them that they should be democrats.  What I think is feasible is to convince them that Republicans don't have good answers.  

      You want to cut taxes?  How are you going to pay for that?  

      You want to cut off benefits for the aged, poor, and disabled?  Do you want to starve them or what?

      You don't want growth?  Where do you want our kids to move?

      They are making the decisions in my community, they better be making good ones.

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