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View Diary: Bush's Jobs Pay $9000 LESS Per Year (74 comments)

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  •  i would have to guess (none)
    (not being an economist or a statitician mind you) that it is all factored in.  i am what should be my mid-career but i am making $15k less than i was 5 years ago.  there are a few factors

    1.  my industry (telecom) tanked
    2.  when i was laid off i moved home (to an area that doesn't have a lot of industry) and during that period of time when relocations dried up, my son started school and now i'm not willing to relocate and i am pretty much stuck with the opportunities that are in this area
    3.  i quit one of the few project management jobs i found in the area b/c i was unhappy and had surgery on my ankle and was out of work for about a year

    so yeah.  i'm making $15k less than i did at age 25 (granted i was doing better than most 25 year olds)

    so i'd say, it's factored in.

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