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View Diary: Bush's Jobs Pay $9000 LESS Per Year (74 comments)

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    Back in '04, I lost a job I'd held for 9 years, the last three of which were under a new owner who was proud to support Bush.  I was out of work for 3 months and had to accept a new position at EXACTLY $9000/year less.  

    Fortunately, since it was a bigger company with more employees, insurance was cheaper, but not cheap enough to offset a 3-fold increase in property taxes and skyrocketing fuel costs.  Not enough money to save for retirement or the kids' college funds.

    I'm back in job search mode again, having been downsized after the new company shelled out $140 million to acquire contracts and assets of 2 other companies.  (This after failing to buy Duke Cunningham's bribery buddies, MZM.)

    I hope I don't have to accept something $9000 less again (making the total loss $18000), but it doesn't look good.

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