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  •  insider vs outsider (none)
    You know, I think Warner's more of an insider candidate than, say, someone like Kerry or Richardson is, at this point.

    The vast majority of Warner buzz, although largely deserved, comes from inside the Beltway. There's a reason why Warner's NoVa fundraiser in December broke records - every Democratic lobbyist, senior Hill Staffer, political consultant was there. The Washington Post is effectively Warner's home town newspaper, and their coverage of him is overwhelmingly positive.

    Kerry, on the other hand, is consistently talked down among DC folks. In fact, the only reason he is still considering running in '08 is because of a outside-the-beltway (heartland, really) support base he retains. They're the one's who keep signing his petitions and who keep giving money to his campaign committee. Believe me, Kerry didn't raise nearly $6 million this past quarter from the strength of his relationships with the Democratic large donors.

    Richardson is another who doesn't get mentioned by people inside DC, despite his heavy federal background. His amazing announcement in December of a partnership with Virgin to initiate a space tourism industry should have thrust him into national political spotlight, but because it happened in New Mexico, and not, say, Maryland, DC people didn't pick up on it. Richardson, has around $5million sitting in a campaign account in New Mexico, too, but you don't hear much chatter about that either.

    •  Insider / outsider (none)
      These are relatively meaningless terms.  Incumbents try to run as outsiders all the time.

      Richardson is a non-starter.  The Democrats are not going near anyone who has even a whiff of being a liar.

      It takes a second to wreck it. It takes time to build.

      by lando on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 12:06:19 PM PST

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    •  Good point about Kerry (none)
      I'm reading this way after the fact but just got a chance now.
      Very good points.   I think it shows out in the "heartland" as you put it, Kerry has earned a healthy amount of respect.
      Meanwhile, Warner has indeed become a bit of a beltway darling.

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