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  •  Kos findings are a mile away from national polls. (none)
    It is possible that Kos bloggers, being left of left, will never get it right from the stable of likely contenders for the Democratic nomination. This from a November 05 poll that asked which candidate would likely turn off registered Democratic voters.

    NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll conducted by the polling organizations of Peter Hart (D) and Bill McInturff (R). Nov. 4-7, 2005. N=1,003 adults nationwide.

    "Are there any candidates on this list for whom you would definitely NOT vote for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination?" Multiple responses accepted. Asked of registered voters who are Democrats/leaners, or are independents who would vote in a Democratic presidential primary (%).

    Al Gore 17
    John Kerry 14
    Hillary Clinton 13
    Wesley Clark 9
    Joe Biden 6
    Bill Richardson 4
    John Edwards 3
    None (vol.) 31
    Unsure 13

    •  People here are better informed (none)
      than the rest of the public.  And it's true that the polls here won't necessarily or likely translate over to primary results.
    •  sorry (none)
      but i'll take the opinions of "the general public" at this point about as far as i can throw them.

      rule 1: this early on, it's a name id contest

      rule 2: opinion leaders are barely clued in to the silent primary

      rule 3: watch the conventions this year at the state level... see who gets what kind of reaction... that'll give you some early indiction

    •  I don't know about that (none)
      I think a big part of it is that a sizeable portion of the primary electorate doesn't know or care about what the potential candidates are up to.

      I'd bet most (a lot?) of folks here could quite readily tick off the stances of most of this list from the top their heads.

      I really doubt the rest of the electorate could - or frankly, should.  I mean, we're still almost 3 years out from the next presidential election, 2 years out from the heart of primary season, and more than a year out from even having a decent idea of the field.

      Right now - this is all largely an academic exercise that's fun for political junkies, but really meaningless in the big picture.

      I'm solidly in Feingold's camp right now - but you know what -- if Russ has a pres PAC, he wouldn't see a dime from me.  I'm looking at the 2006 mid-terms (as we all should be).

      This poll - all polls about the 2008 race - are pretty meaningless.  They're fun for purposes of discussion, and like everyone else, I get some pleasure out of them (even if it's just to dream of a country without Bush) -- but it's meaningless.

      I'm not saying we shouldn't do any more straw polls - but from every angle, I'd rather be talking Bill Winter vs. Tancredo in Colorado... Hackett/Brown in Ohio... Tester in Montanna.  Murphy, Cegelis, etc.

      The left blogosphere hasn't really had a true election test yet - while I and many others were here a lot in 2004, as Kos said -- traffic has tripled and in terms of using our strengths and resources in the most effective and efficient manner, I think we're still learning.  

      2004 was development.

      2006 is the beta.

      2008, we go gold.

      I guess everyone's got their own blog now.

      by zonk on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 11:13:39 AM PST

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      •  This statement sums it up. (none)
        "Right now - this is all largely an academic exercise that's fun for political junkies, but really meaningless in the big picture."

        However, when you look at the right, those who are right of right, there is no one ready to take up the cause. Of course, to them RINO McCain is anathema to everything that conservatives stand for. Still, it is interesting to watch the field sort out, even this early, and to look at what's new out there. I would not have expected that Feingold would be talked about as a candidate at all, for example. Perhaps in the next couple of years, he will get his voice and surge forward, just as Edwards did in 04.

    •  I agree with most of that. (none)
      I want to see a clean slate -- I don't want to see Gore or Kerry on the ticket.  And I am not a fan of Hillary.

      Note that Mark Warner isn't on the list.

    •  That was before Gore's recent speech... (none)
      and the guys at the top are the best known.  THat poll doesn't mean much to me.

      Stop calling them the Right if they aren't!

      by jmaps on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 03:58:29 PM PST

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