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  •  democrats are pissed (none)
    you're never going to get overwhelming excitement w/the grassroots until you can find someone willing to draw blood. gore can do that. he goes right to the heart of the matter. of course they are going to call him looney. i'm tired of this party getting framed by rove&co. we can't choose a candidate because he/she can appeal to some illusionary middle. we have to take them on directly w/courage and conviction. not give one iota about their labels and fight back. the whole dean scream about how angry he is. what bs. they are going to try to massacre the public image of any decent candidate we put up there, we have to be prepared for it. but to cater to this meme right off the bat and try to pander to image is wrong. we should choose who best represents who and what we stand for, with force.
    •  I know I'm a little late getting back... (none)
      ... to this discussion, but Zannie is right. We have to stop picking our leaders and spokesmen by who the Republicans won't make fun of. Who WON'T they make fun of? Hillary, Bill, Al, Kerry and just about anyone you could name.

      Al's the right guy because he'd make the best president and is one of the few people who had the guts to speak out about this phony war.

      Do you think Bush, Cheney, DeLay, Frist and Hastert are laughable? But they don't care what we think. They just do it.

      Just do it.

      "I shall follow the light of reason, express my honest thoughts, help destroy superstition, and work for the happiness of my fellow beings." - Robert Ingersoll

      by JavaManny on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 02:57:02 PM PST

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    •  i think telling them the truth works very well. (none)
      gore does that. clark does that. finegold does that. warner, i think does that. but the country is tired of the endless manipulation and lies. tell them what you we will do to help their lives. tell them that their religeon is respected but others will be also. i have to say, i think many are ready for that.

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