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  •  2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates. (none)
    The 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates are
    1)Evan Bayh(IN)
    2)Joe Biden(DE)
    3)Wesley Clark(AR)
    4)Hillary Clinton(NY)-Front Runner
    5)John Edwards(NC)
    6)Russell Fiengold(WI)
    7)John Kerry(MA)
    8)Bill Richardson(NM)
    9)Tom Vilsack(IA)
    10)Mark Warner(VA)

    John Kerry- and John Edwards belong to the November Does NOT Count Category. Democrats lost in 2004 when they were on the 2004 Democratic Presidential Ticket.

    Joe Biden(DE) and Wesley Clark(AR) both unsucessfully sought the Democratic Party's nomination for President.

    Democratic Party tends to support fresh face candidates.
    1)Evan Bayh(IN)
    2)Russell Fiengold(WI)
    3)Bill Richardson(NM)
    4)Tom Vilsack(IA)
    5)Mark Warner(VA)

    1)Bill Richardson(NM)is likely to be the 2008 Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee. A Southwestern Hispanic Male. A Governor,former Presidential Cabinet Level secretary,former UN Ambassador,and former Member of US Congress.

    The Anti-Hillary Democratic Presidential Candidates are:
    1)Evan Bayh(IN)
    2)Russell Fiengold(WI)
    3)Tom Vilsack(IA)
    4)Mark Warner(VA)

    Russell Fiengold (WI)is too liberal to win in the general election. A twiced Divorced White Jewish Liberal does not stand a chance of winning the Presidency.

    That leaves us
    1)Evan Bayh(IN)
    2)Tom Vilsack(IA)
    3)Mark Warner(VA)

    The leading candidates for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination is either Evan Bayh(IN)or Mark Warner(VA).

    Bayh(IN)and Warner(VA)are both former Governors or Red States.

    Bayh is a two term Governor and two Term US Senator from a Solid Republican State in the Midwest. Bayh won 3 consecutive statewide elections in Indiana with more than 60% of the popular vote.
    Warner is a former Governor of Southern State. Warner who left the Governorship because of term-limits helped a Democrat Tim Kaine succeed him in the Virginia Governorship.

    Between Bayh and Warner. Warner has an advantage of being a Governor of a Southern State ie Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Warner does not have a 10 year Senate voting Record like Evan Bayh. Bayh on the other hand is more experienced than Warner.

    •  Warner is the choice (none)
      Your analysis is right on.  Warner is the only candidate that can actually win.  He has ties to the tech community, can raise funds and has a great message right now about looking to the future and getting results.  Most importantly, he can run as an outsider.  He's really well positioned to run a campaign against D.C. corruption (Bayh, Hillary, Kerry and Feingold cannot).

      I like Feingold as a Senator but the fact that he polls so well here speaks volumes about how far from reality bloggers are.  He doesn't stand a chance in middle America.  He'd carry less states than Dukakis.

      •  Middle America? (none)
        So, where would you place Wisconsin? The m,ost purple state in the union.

        Not to mention, Feingold CAN run against D.C. corruption. He's a deficit hawk and tries to reign in corrupt donations. McCain/Feingold was a step in that direction, and he even stuck by its rules BEFORE it was passed.

        "Murrow had a child. The damn thing went wild." -- Fleetwood Mac
        (-8.63), (-7.03)

        by Perdition on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 03:49:01 PM PST

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