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  •  Yes, McCain is almost a no brainer (none)
    Especially after his 2004 endorsement of Bush for pResident and voting strictly along party lines.

    It doesn't matter who the Rethugs pick, if the Democrats follow Kaine's lead from last night and borrow his moral compass, they will take back the majority in Congress this year and the presidency in two years.

    •  A No Brainer Until You Think About It (none)
      The religious right want George Allen.  Rush Limbaugh also has said he can't support McCain.  McCain is considered a liberal by these people.  That makes him unacceptable to the people who vote in the primaries.

      Ipso facto forget McCain, unless there is a seismic shift in the rank and file of the Republican party.  

      From no brainer to I don't think so in nothing flat.

      •  Agreed. (none)
        McCain would have better luck trying to get the Democratic nomination.  Conservatives despise him and consider him a traitor.  He's to many Rethugs what Lieberman is to us.  He has no chance to win in the primaries, though he'd likely win if he were the nominee.  Same situation as Clark was in last time around.  I think we'd better get Clark on the ticket to counter the fear mongers.  Let's not make the mistake of thinking that most Americans are anything but chicken shits when they vote for President.  I say Gore/Clark.  Then I think we win no matter who the GOP fields.

        Stop calling them the Right if they aren't!

        by jmaps on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 01:20:50 PM PST

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