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  •  Champagne Air - Still (none)
    Then you should move to Wyoming if you can tolerate have the county Democratic caucus in a phone booth - - and phone booths are damn hard to find anymore.

    Still, the post above is right on target about the difference between Southern and Western conservatism.  Southern conservatism is Bible Belt - nekkid means sin - nose into your personal business conservative. You are who your daddy and grand-daddy were.  Western conservatism - even if myth - has a far greater individualist/libertarian streak.  I'll help you out with the calves - you'll help me out with the fencing - - but what's my business is my business and what's yours is yours.  (Colorado Springs and Dobson are an aberration from this - and hopefully not a bellweather.)  Utah has always been Utah.

    Again, I think a progressive/government-out-of-our-lives approach will play FAR better in the West than in the South.

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