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  •  Clark's Background (none)
    As NATO Supreme Commander, Clark's duties weren't exclusively military.  He was responsible for running an extensive education system, since American soldiers naturally wanted their kids attending schools where English was the primary language, as well as a major healthcare delivery system.  Very much the sort of things Governors do, although most Governors would kill to have as much money available for these activities as Clark did.
    •  One thing i can say about Clark (none)
      is that he doesn't really have any negatives. He'd be hard as hell to swift boat. We'll see. I'd take the right anybody, if only they could do the job.

      ... we now know a lot of things, most of which, we already knew... (-dash888)

      by Tirge Caps on Wed Feb 01, 2006 at 01:51:22 PM PST

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