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    Despite the fact that the good doctor is up to his ears in serious work right now (and not running), I can't help but hope that if the 2006 General Election goes well his stock will soar, or at least gain him some respect -- aside from the blogs.

    Sen. Feingold would be a wonderful candidate too, but I'm afraid that he lacks the national recognition that it will take to win the White House even with Chimpy back on the ranch.  I realize there is a lot of time until 2008.  Leading in straw polls won't hurt his chances, that's for sure.

    I have fears that in the end we may have to bite the proverbial bullet and accept a Beltway insider just to assure that the flood of koolaid drinkers nominated to the federal bench dries up.  I don't like it but . . .

    The main thing to keep in mind is that it will be up to the blogs to keep Sen. Clinton, or some other hero of the DLC, traditional media (and RNC), off of the ticket.  I recall MoDo speculated (back before Times Select)that the only thing that could stop a Clinton restoration was, "a wooden stake."  I'm not so sure about that -- I wouldn't be so adamant if I thought she had a chance in west Texas of winning.

    One question:  Clark?

    Good Choice: Dean-Edwards (or a moderate westerner to be named later -- Richardson?)
    Probable choice: Biden-Edwards

    You can shoot me now.

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