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View Diary: January dKos Straw Poll Results (262 comments)

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  •  With a Feingold candidacy (none)
    All Democratic losing ground is safe. There's no possible way that we can lose the vulnerable Midwest to the Repubs with a Midwesterner on the top of the ticket. Plus, it's silly that you think Minnesota may go to the Republicans, it hasn't gone Republican since Nixon's landslide over McGovern!

    With a Warner candidacy, we may lose the midwest and pick up little with South (aside from Virginia, WV, and maybe Arkansas/Florida)

    With a Feingold candidacy, all of the states that Warner appeals to are still on the table, and in addition he is able to appeal to Ohio, Missouri, Iowa, and the western states too- New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona(bar McCain), and in a good year Montana.

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