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  •  what a choice! (none)
    In your heart of hearts can you honestly say that these people are inspiring and that they will win us the White House and the House and Senate back? Don't you agree that all we are going to hear from them will be the same toned down, poll driven, let's not offend the undecided platitudes? Don't you crave for someone bold? Why can't we run someone who will fight for what the Democratic Party once stood for? Warner's is probably the biggest turn off for me because it's so obvious that is whole tenure as governor was to establish himself as a centrist  - Are you not fed up having centrists dictate to the rest of the party? We had a centrist - Clinton and let's not forget that he lost us both the house and senate + Gore's bid for the White House. Kerry chose to be seen that way and lost. Worst of all, thanks to them we are now stuck with all of Bush's ultra-conservative judges!
    •  that's not my point (none)
      This is going to sound harsh, but you completely mis-read my entire post. My basic point was to lay out how a possible primary scenario could play out and how it could help (or hurt) certain candidates. In no way do I necessarily endorse Clinton, Kerry, or Warner. I just think that they have the potential to become top-tier candidates given their resumes and fundrasising abilities.

      Believe me, I would love to see a genuinely progressive candidate like Feingold win in 2008. But we need to take establishment-types like Clinton seriously if we want to defeat them in the primaries.

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