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  •  Look beyond Republicans and Indepenants. (none)
    The problem with this country is that half of our eligible voters aren't registered and / or don't participate. What you suggest is still just another form of triangulation. It's lame, just another safe path to trod.

    We need candidates who will inspire new voters to join us, many who don't hear a voice speaking for them. Candidates who bring accountability to the table first and foremost, who can give them faith in the system. This is not a slam on the people you mentioned, but on this approach of desperately drawing from a very limited pool of voters.  

    If we can tap into 10% or more of those who don't vote, we'll accomplish far more for our country than simply dragging people off the fence. Indeed, the more people we have who demand accountability, the more of it we'll have.

    Stop focusing on the fence sitters. If we start attaining the kind of critical mass we'd get from bringing on those who don't participate, tens of millions of people, the moderates will follow anyway.

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