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View Diary: Caught Between the Scylla and Charybdis: The Existential Dilemma of A Liberal (104 comments)

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  •  well thought out post (none)
    & very economical.  you definitely are a capitalist (which i am also).

    in that vein, i do believe that competition makes a systems better.  however the danger with 2 competitors is that you rely on one relationship only to sustain your model.

    if that single relationship is moderately or severely unbalanced, then you don't have a redundancy to take it's place.

    that's the case of the current political environment.  

    If there were more balance, say a third or forth party, then we'd have that party combined with the Dem party to keep the Repubs in check.

    of course the system can break in that model as well, but give that you have multiple relationships, you have an inherent Checks & Balances system.

    which would explain why we have THREE branches of government & not 2.  

    you're counting on at least ONE of those branches reigning in power.

    in the current corporate & political system, the 3rd party just doesn't the strength & infrastructure to grow.

    so you build the party that you want despite its flaws.

    however, thinking out loud, there really is no reason why Republics can't have multiple parties.  SOMETHING is preventing a real 3rd party.

    HAA!  how's that for long-winded!

    •  I think though (none)
      that if we were to have parties split off, what we would see is:

      1. Far left
      2. left of center
      3. right of center
      4. far right
      5. libertarians

      5 would be a small group (no offense to libertarians but I find most of their ideas fine in principle but absolutely unworkable in practice), and you'd have 1 and 2 working against 3 and 4 with each pair allying up most of the time.

      Which would lead me to ask that is different from the current two party system how? :)

      I think we are so polarized into a dual mindset (libertarian and puritan) in this country and that dual mindset goes all the way back to the founding in some ways. We want individual rights but we also want all individuals to act a certain way on most things. (Of course by we I am talking about most Americans, not those on here).

      It's a difficult thing to get past.

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