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View Diary: A reason for more civility on Daily Kos (149 comments)

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  •  Also, when Republicans give advice (none)
    They're trying to screw you.  So when they say, "if you want to win, you have to be more polite"  its just bullshit, to use profanity.  
    •  You know Republi-speak... (none)
      ...for "Screw you"?

      It's..."Trust me"...

      Pronounced "trussssst meeeeee"...

    •  Atrios calls them (none)
      "concern trolls" -- the Republicans that come on to his site and say that the dems will never win if they are so angry.

      I think that's what people have been missing from the dems, a little anger that the average person has been getting so screwed.  "I feel your pain" is not what people want.  "Fuck that shit, those bastards are going to pay" is what they want to hear.
      People want to know that the dems feel strongly about some things.  

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