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  •  I wasn't raised to please Ann Coulter (none)
    I think there's an audience that hasn't been discussed much in the comments, and that's us.  I started following the blogs closely during the whole WaPo nonsense, and was really turned off by the rabid, hate-mongering "fuck-you/her/them" rants on Atrios.  I'm glad that Atrios is there, but I no longer have any interest in being a part of that community.  That's why I'm here.

    Asking "what works?" doesn't need to imply watering down our message.  Next time you're in a heated argument with someone, see what's more powerful: raising your voice, or lowering it.

    Profanity isn't the issue; thoughtfulness is.  Profanity wasn't prevalent in the spat over who said "Give me liberty or give me death" in the comments to Senator Feingold's diary, but their childishness made me feel embarrassed all the same.

    Ignore Coulter.  She's irrelevant, and who respects her opinions anyway?  Same goes for the LGF-type sites.  The people who are worth caring about have a quiet, internal set of standards that they live by, regardless of the environment or outcome.  There is so little integrity and openness in public discourse these days that even a little of it will make us rise above the masses.

    (BTW, civility and censorship are entirely separate issues.  Suggesting that civility is more productive than incivility isn't an argument for censorship.)

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