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View Diary: The Value - and Devaluation - of the Work Ethic (192 comments)

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  •  Catholic Social Justice Teaching (4.00)
    on Work states that work is essential for every human being's dignity and worth.  Each person deserves work that is rewarding and through which they can provide for their families and communities.

    You can check out the various statements the Catholic Church has made about work, usually released on Labor Day, here.

    •  My perception (none)
      - as someone born into an "orthodox" Catholic family and recently converted to Judaism, but was raised from preteen years by Protestants - is that the Catholic concept of stewardship is akin to the Jewish idea of tikkun. There are differences, but the end result is often an imperative to social action.

      My personal and strictly anecdotal experiences, however, have caused me to associate the Protestant work ethic with stoic endurance of lousy conditions, etc.  For example, "Cheer up, things will get worse."  Especially on the part of laboring classes.

      But a related factor is the misuse and misinterpretation of the theological concept found in some Protestant denominations that "work doesn't matter, salvation is through faith" that can sometimes be abused to rationalize and justify self-centered and excessively acquisitive behavior.

      How tightly associated is large abuse of cherry-picked Protestant theological tenets via contorted rationalizations associated with many of the problems we're facing right now?

      Enlisted USMC Vet

      by kgerber on Sun Feb 05, 2006 at 08:51:05 AM PST

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