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View Diary: The Value - and Devaluation - of the Work Ethic (192 comments)

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  •  I agree with you 100%... (none)
    Which is why I'm so perplexed that our party is led by trust fund babies.

    It's hard to argue that you're for the working person when your presidential candidate (John Kerry), the chairman of your party (Howard Dean), and the most prominent politicians in your movement (the Kennedys) are exactly the sort of people you've denounced.  Rick kids who grew up in wealth and privilege and never worked a day in their lives.

    The sad perception among most of my working class friends is that the Democratic party is led by hypocrites.

    They talk about Blue Collar values from the comfort of their private jets, Aspen ski lodges, and Beacon Hill mansions. Sometime they even phone it in from Switzerland.

    And then there's that whole Hollywood crowd.  Yeah, they're all champions of the honorable, modest life of ordinary hard work.

    As for Edwards, the general perception is that he's acquired undeserved wealth.  He's a fabulously wealthy personal injury lawyer, 'nuff said.

    What happened to the old time Democrats (like Tip O'Neill) who worked their way up from nothing, and could be justifably held up as exemplars of what we stand for.  

    Go Barak Obama!

    •  It's snobbery (none)
      Let's say nice things about blue collar factory long as we don't actually have to mingle with those kinds of people.

      Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. -George Orwell

      by Sargon on Sat Feb 04, 2006 at 06:56:23 PM PST

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    •  What's your problem? (none)
      the chairman of your party (Howard Dean), ...Rick kids who grew up in wealth and privilege and never worked a day in their lives.

      Uh, Howard Dean worked as a stock broker, went to school at night to get accepted to medical school, and worked as a physician before the sitting governor died, causing him to take over the state of Vermont (being sworn in after he completed an exam with a patient). Kerry worked as a district attorney and had a successful legal practice.

      So no, actually, I don't find them to be hypocrites.

    •  Did I just read this right? (none)
      Good to see you've bought into the Repug framing of the Democratic party.  I'm assuming your heart is in the right place, but your Kerry bashing reads as if you took it straight out of the Limbaugh dittohead playbook.

      On which party vaules work, contrast Kerry combat vet, civil servant with GWB professional ne'er do well who bumbled from one failed companys and lost elections all the way to the White House.  

      It says a lot American anxieties about labor and class to denegrate Kerry for attending a global economics forum (in Switzerland) but somehow accept Bush spending weeks on end 'working' on his 'ranch.'  Which demonstrates the better or stronger work ethic?

      •  Isn't About Bush (none)
        This isn't about Bush.  He's a moron who's had things handed to him all his life.

        This is about the perception of who runs the Democratic party.  

        As I said before, we Democrats go on and on about the working man and our respect for labor, and about how GWB is out of touch with common people, but then we pick to lead us people who come from the exact same background as Bush...great wealth, great privlege, exclusive private schools, Swiss ski chalets, Park Avenue apartments, and Palm Beach compounds.

        We need to find some leaders who are actually in touch with working people other than their valets and maids.

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