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View Diary: The Value - and Devaluation - of the Work Ethic (192 comments)

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  •  I love this diary (none)
    Thanks for writing it - the dignity of work is an issue that is owned by democrats, but...

    I actually heard Chis Mathews last week make a comment that hispanics (and immigrants) were "natural republicans" because they worked hard and sacrificed for their kids (and formed small businesses).

    I almost shit my pants!!

    The democratic mayor (San Diego?) let that slander pass right by without comment!! This is what's wrong with the democrats.

    When they sit back and take this kind of lie, it only reinforces the right wing spin that democrats are welfare state anti-labor and anti-small business.

    This also lets the Republicans off the hook for their corporate policies that kill the little guy (labor and small business) that reward wealth/investment and transfer of wealth from labor to capital.

    •  No it isn't. (none)
      "the dignity of work is an issue that is owned by democrats"

      In many parts of the country, the issue is owned, lock stock and barrel, by Republicans.  Bubba works hard.  He's a Republican because he thinks the Democrats just want to tax him and give his hard-earned money to people who don't work hard.  He pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and thinks everybody else can darn well do the same thing.  Promise him more leisure time, and his lip will curl up in disdain for people who don't value the dignity of work.

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