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  •  Maybe I've been reading too much George Lakoff... (none)
    But something about the terminology you just used reminds me of conservative frames for progressive positions. For example, "gay marriage" when most people on the left talk about "same-sex marriage" or "marriage equality." You also allege support for "raising taxes..." and "more government regulation..." which in my experience isn't very common language from people with more progressive worldviews.

    As for your comment about the "word theory," the choice of language is not a matter of being "politicaly correct [sic]." Rather, it exposes a way of thinking about the world that may strike a few regular readers as odd. It certainly raised a few red flags with me.

    Perhaps if you explained the reasoning behind your own positions elsewhere (such as why GLBT people should be treated equally under the law), folks here wouldn't be quite as skeptical...

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