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View Diary: What Would Prophet Muhammad Do? (110 comments)

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  •  OK Sulayman I'm calling you out for rating abuse (none)
    It isn't cool to go around rating people with "1"s because they disagree with you.
    •  not abuse (none)
      It's not ratings abuse. It's 1 for Unproductive. My diary is trying to explain that Islam as a whole isn't intolerant, and I'm getting dragged into discussions that digress, like a Christian political cartoon (they're already in other diaries devoted to the topic).

      Look at my title, "What Would the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) do?" It's about that, not about Saudi Arabian societal politics.

      I think I've been very reserved in giving my 1's. I've been offended by a lot of Kossacks, but don't moderate their comments just because I can't articulate an answer. The 1's are for people who are steering this in the wrong direction, thus Unproductive.

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