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  •  I think Europeans are beginning to understand (none)
    Muslims rather well.

    In the Nederlands the murderer of Theo Van Gogh, proclaims that the "Prophet Justifies My Deed"

    Not an uncommon response from the Muslim perpetrators of violence.  I am sure that those who burned down the embassies this weekend would say the same thing about their acts of violence.

    And this is just the tip of the violence iceberg. In 2004, accroding to the CIA there were

    Virtually all of them committed by Muslims.

    You say that Islam doesn't permit such deeds, and that the men who perform them aren't behaving like true Muslims, I'll agree with you. But these men consider themselves true Muslims. In fact they consider themselves to be the only true Muslims, and think that Muslims like you  who disagree with them are apostates, making you worse then non-believers and justifing their growing violence against Muslims.

    The Danes have a right to burn the Koran. Yes it is offensive but it is an expression of free speech. That is a far cry less offensive then the violence we have seen from your co-religionists in the past couple of days both in Europe and the Middle East.

    Europe is just waking up to this problem, take back your religion from the people who are making it a religion of violence. It should be easy if it really is a religion of peace.

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