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View Diary: Muslim Cartoon Controversy: What the Media Isn't Telling You (358 comments)

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  •  Interesting (none)
    It's a shame that given the volume of reporting on events like this here 'in the bubble', theres very little depth to that reporting.  Then people draw what they think are obvious conclusions based on limited & twisted reporting.. ugh.  Thanks for sharing with us.
    •  Yeah, you gotta look (none)
      outside the Bubble: Danish cartoon outrage
      Culture Editor Flemming Rose commissioned the controversial cartoons for his newspaper, claiming he didn't mean to offend anyone.

      Earlier, we [Channel 4] spoke to him from Copenhagen and put it to him, it must have been pretty obvious from the outset that these cartoons were going to cause offence .

      •  some of the cartoons were (3.66)
        offensive.  some a bit vague & some i couldn't translate.

        however, as Soj stated, there's a hyprocrisy by the Saudis who are using someting inflammatory to distract the public from the big story.

        you know:

        1. Talk about the authenticity of the memos instead of a President going AWOL.

        2. Scream about the queers so as to distract the public from the budget deficit & a war.

        shall we go on?

        i am angry at the Saudis & the Bushis (no wonder they're such good friends) BUT WHY BLAME THEM?

        if you were a tyrant who could distract people from your own incompetence & corruption, WHY WOULDN'T YOU?

        this is entirely the result of EXTREMELY poor programming by the "news" agencies.  in the US again, we have seen a complete lack of good reporting & it's allowed corrupt officials & lies to control the public.

        •  Which ones do you think offensive, and why? n/t (none)

          f/k/a one of the people "`Our country, right or wrong!' . . . when right to be kept right; when wrong to be put right." (Sen. Carl Schurz)

          by another American on Sun Feb 05, 2006 at 11:31:55 AM PST

          [ Parent ]

          •  offensive (none)
            let me qualify that.  i'm actually pretty irreverant & wouldn't be offended by any of the cartoons.

            i love south park, drawn together, etc...

            & i think if done well, these "paradoies" can really expose the hypocrisies & inadequacies of a group & make those groups better.

            that being said, i can understand why a group of people could be offended by them (South Park) & we need to be aware of that so as to be certain that we are in fact "making a joke or point" & not simply being offensive.

            it's not a perfect science.  it's art after all.  & so you push the limits at times.  you provoke & hope that you've created something meaningful instead of simply racist.

            the only one that i could find really offensive was the one with a bomb on his head & even that could be explained - say, it was symbolic of the middle east being a ticking bomb or something, not a statement that muslims are terrorists.

            so i'll take back the "offensive" word & apologize for that.  it is POTENTIALLY offensive but I don't know for sure.

            i was trying to reply to the above post & saying that offensive or not, these cartoons are not the issue but rather distractions from the real issue.

            & it looks like i did that poorly.

            let's say some of the images are edgy & the paper should've consulted a member of that group just to smart.

      •  one man's gawd (4.00)
        is another man's target practice.
        The 1st thing I thought of when this story broke of Muslim outrage was of the fundy Taliban blasting the two massive Bamiyan Buddhas, carved into a sandstone cliff near the provincial capital in central Afghanistan all to shit

        "imagine no religion..."

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