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View Diary: Muslim Cartoon Controversy: What the Media Isn't Telling You (358 comments)

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  •  Are you saying Mohammed didn't exist (none)
    I think you are quite mistaken
    •  He doesn't exist now... last I checked... (none)
      I don't believe that there is any equivalency because you can't attack Muhammad today. He is dead.

      On the otherhand there are large populations of Jews and Blacks.

      Muhammad lives in people's minds today as an idea.

      •  I think you could argue (none)
        that Mohammed in cartoons represents all Muslims, just as a tar baby would represent blacks in a cartoon or Sharon or a Hasidic getup would represent all Jews.
        •  No (none)
          It would be like mocking Moses, or Jesus, or a white bearded god, or Zeus for that matter. It doesn't apply to blacks at all since they're not a religion.
        •  You could certainly argue (none)
          that, and it would be a matter of interpretation. Whose interpretation then is accurate? The author's, or that of the people who view it (their many different interpretations together)? I believe that the author's opinion should be the guide.

          I can tell for myself that if any statement is being made, it is about the religion... except for the hilarious one about the virgins, which pokes fun of the absurd martyrdom complex of the most extreme fundamentalists.

          There is nothing offensive about showing suicide bombers who kill innocents for the scum they are, and poke fun at the illusions they've bought into.

      •  The soldier depicted (none)
        in the cartoon the Joint Chief of Staffs protested wasn't a 'real' soldier either.

        It sounds like it wasn't the cartoon but the media whipping up a frenzy. We certainly have seen THAT happen here more than once.

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