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View Diary: Muslim Cartoon Controversy: What the Media Isn't Telling You (358 comments)

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  •  My video diagnosis (a Frist special): (none)
    You've got an honest heart.  You've got the standard-issue rose-colored glasses regarding American stuff.  You've got no such glasses regarding Middle Eastern stuff.  And you've got an American press which reinforces both tendencies: the tendency to notnotice/ignore/explainaway/forgive American failures, and the tendency to notice and not forgive other peoples' failures.

    One completely random illustration.  The School of the Americas.  US Government trains death squads.  US Press declines to care.  US people too lazy to do anything but trust US press.  Not very inspiring, eh, Americans letting murder squads loose on Salvadoran towns in furtherance of corporate policy?

    That, and Americans may have an excessively strong fear of death, partly because of our success at making it more rare and more predictable.  Someone upthread mentioned that death is just a little more common in some other countries.

    •  No rose colored glasses here (none)
      Just untinted lenses.  I've discussed American wrongs elsewhere, but I can't very well summarize everything I've ever said in a single post, and this one wasn't about U.S. wrongs, it was about why there  seems to be less value attached to human life in middle eastern countries.  

      Perhaps you are right about the fear of death. Maybe it's not that we value life more, but that we fear death more.  That makes sense. I learned a long time ago in college that more technologically advanced nations tend to have fewer children because they are confident that those children will survive to adulthood. If you assume your children will not live to adulthood, it must make it easier to let them go. This would also be accompanied by a belief in afterlife that is more important than this life.  

      I think I'm just reluctant to make this religious.  I want some kind of social answer, but maybe there isn't one. Maybe it's really about the perception of the relative value of ths life and the next. If this life is not as important as the next, then if your child blows himself up in a way that assures his afterlife, you will be happy. It still seems sick to me, but at least it makes sense. If a family member brings dishonor on your family, and killing them can save their honor (and their place in heaven), then you kill them.  

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