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  •  You may want to also read his book if you didn't (none)
    His book is dead on in its criticism of the Bush Admin at every turn - I haven't figured out an angle he didn't cover.  I also didn't find it to be overtly religious.  I wouldn't have been able to read it if it had been.  I hope that he gets more involved in the party this year and 08.

    His book is excellent and I think it makes a great gift for anyone who needs an easy to understand read of what's wrong with this administration.

    As for history - if it doesn't get rewritten I believe he may go down as the first casualty of the right wing machine. Didn't see it coming, didn't fight back - the same clueless situation many of us have found ourselves in having thought no one could possibly be this evil and then we have Bush with his always inappropriate heh heh hehs and "your doin' a heckuva job"(s), Cheney in his snow coat at Auschwitz and always looking like the Penguin from Batman, Condi in her dominatrix outfit, Rumsfeld with his grandfatherly jargon and the rest of the herd of mad cows.

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