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View Diary: 99.80% Error rate! NSA Leaks destroy legal defenses of wiretaps! (93 comments)

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  •  Be interesting to see (none)
    who says this next.....with slight modification


    are trying to build a model to successfully identify terrorists. Since they we have little or no data to base the identification on, they we have to look for patterns to check out. A lot of the patterns are wrong. Eventually, though, the model will get better until it becomes useful.
    •  Because Repugs are ahead of the ball (none)
      every time.
      Every  time.

      One look at the polls, eight looks at the NYT and WaPo,  any look at the facts, and any intelligent, furious politician would be drooling for the kill.  

      But no.  Sadly, I've got  to wonder if our guys will even beat them to the punch.  I'm quite sure the bushies are amazed, bewildered, and relieved by our simplicity.  Because, if we wanted to, NOW is the time to connect the dots, find the weak spots and begin prying and hammering our way through the defenses.  If we simply do that, what we uncover will explode all on its own.  

      Will we do it?

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