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  •  The Finnish way... (none)
    "The ballot used in elections shall be printed on white paper. The ballot shall
    include clear instructions on how to fold it, and it shall ensure the secrecy of
    the ballot.
    The ballot shall be standard size 148 x 210 mm, and inside it shall be printed a
    heading giving informationas to which elections it is for. In addition there is a
    circle inside with a diameter of 90 mm which itself is not folded when the ballot
    is folded. The symbol No. shall be clearly indicated in the middle of the circle
    for the voter to mark the number of the candidate he/she wishes to vote for. No
    other markings shall be made on the ballot."

    "The voter who has marked his or her ballot paper must present the folded ballot
    to the election committee in order for it to be stamped. The folded ballot must
    be stamped in the middle of the reverse side. The voter must after this put the
    ballot in the ballot box."

    Election Act of Finland

    It's not so hard...:-)..

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