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  •  Jeers to most of the crap. (4.00)
    So I had to do some data-mining of my own looking for something...anything a bit more upbeat.

    Cheers to giving Unchained Melody an alternative meaning.  

    Cheers to the "When it's funny, it's funny" department:  Wolfowitz 'to target corruption' in the "developing world."  Made me laugh.  What?  This is serious?  Oh.

    Note to self:  suicide bomber is not a good costume choice.

    Early puberty may put kids at risk.  I'm thinking you can delete the word "early" and still have a truth.

    Poem du Jour:

    Seeking Enlightenment
    (Click on image for full size version)

    One step
    at a time
    sometimes forward
    sometimes up
    Forward as I move
    through my life
    even if some wish
    to pull me back
    Perhaps they
    sense the peril
    of the new
    Upward is harder
    as I lift
    the burden
    of proceeding
    to another level
    up the staircase
    of human evolution
    beyond the mundane
    They do not like it
    that I have taken
    this step
    or even that
    I have shown them
    that this place exists
    Their screams of pain
    anger and terror
    will not - can not
    bring me back
    This place
    once conceived
    cannot be erased
    and cannot be denied
    Ideas cannot be unthought

    --Robyn Elaine Serven
    --February 7, 2006

    Teacher's Lounge opens each Saturday, sometime between 10am and 11am EST

    by rserven on Tue Feb 07, 2006 at 05:30:54 AM PST

    •  Cheers to (4.00)
      Robyn's talent, what a gift.  I enjoy and look forward to all your postings here, but this one really touched me deeply as I can relate to it so well where my life is at.

       Cheers to "STEPS"!

      REAL NEWS-"The news you and I need to keep our freedoms." Richard Reeves

      by Oke on Tue Feb 07, 2006 at 06:46:26 AM PST

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      •  Thank you :-) (4.00)
        Aren't you nice!  It's a talent...and a curse.  (for any other Monk fans out there).  

        <ramble>I admit to having been, and therefore probably still, obsessive-compulsive.  At one time it was an obsession with counting things (in addition to some nastier things).  I got away with it because I was a mathematician.  When I discovered that mathematics was really all about words and truth, words and truth were added to my list of obsessions.  When I transitioned, the numerical obsession was ameliorated, thought I can still see its edges.  When it is acknowledged, OCD can be channeled towards productive ends, which I am managing to do right now on some fronts, though a couple of others have been sliding a bit.  The current output is what you see here.  I'm also hoping that it is producing much more effective teaching in my programming classrooms.  We'll get an indication of that tonight when my Java students have their first exam (which I am preparing right now).

        I'm ecstatic whenever people let me know that I have found words that speak their own personal truth, whether or not the circumstances that lead to that truth are similar or not.  I write what I know or have discovered, life lessons, if you will, and random thoughts, pretty much as they come to me.   Rewrite R Not Us, in most cases.  Too often, when I do decide to rewrite something, I end up on a totally different topic and lose the original thought that inspired me.</ramble>

        I hope whatever obstacle noticed and/or surpassed on your life path that led you to personal place propells you forward and upward, out of the muck and mire.

        Anyway, back to work. ;-)


        Teacher's Lounge opens each Saturday, sometime between 10am and 11am EST

        by rserven on Tue Feb 07, 2006 at 08:20:20 AM PST

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