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  •  Lordy my brain is dead (4.00)
    Jeers to me for typing jeers instead of cheers...Clive Owen and now Colin Firth...of course I'm CHEERING!!! :)
    •  Cheers to reahti (4.00)
      for clearing that up!  I was baffled at how anyone could jeer that smile on Colin's handsome face.

      Cheers to MSOC's adorable young man, given the mother he was blessed with he is another spark of hope for our future generations, another good reason for all of us to keep fighting so there is something good left for our future generations.

      REAL NEWS-"The news you and I need to keep our freedoms." Richard Reeves

      by Oke on Tue Feb 07, 2006 at 07:13:41 AM PST

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