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  •  I'll root for the 'Hawks again this year (4.00)
    unless they're playing the Packers ;]

    Cheer up, man, your team ain't even close to being down, they'll bounce back.

    •  I feel like (4.00)
      I've joined the legions of crazed football losers who can't let the bad games go.

      My dad always talks about my relatives back in Oklahoma and how people there fill the sports radio airwaves 365 days a year grumbling about bad calls and dropped passes from college football games played twenty years before.

      If I become that person you all have the right to euthanize me.

      "take all the chlidren and sell them to hell, Rush Limbaughs here and he's fresh out of pills." Hell Camino

      by john in seattle on Tue Feb 07, 2006 at 10:39:37 AM PST

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