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  •  opps (none)
    YOu are about to fall off the page here....

    Just saw this short while ago and called the embassy...thought calling might get more attention than an email...spoke to nice enough fellow who said he would "make record" of my call.

    Just told him I disapproved of the needless insult to Islam in the Danish cartoons, particulary at a time when feelings in the world were touchy to begin with....AND that I understood the "laws" preventing pictures of this type in their country.....BUT...that the arrest of Mr. Momani and Mr. al-Khalidi just reenforces people's bias against countries that repress speech and perhaps Jordon should consider the "mitigating circumstances" in this case.

    I think he got my point without me presuming to  outright tell him his country needed to change their laws.

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