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  •  minority and majority don't matter (none)
    ok, but if you published the muhammad cartoons in majority islamic countries you would only get a worse punishment.  It's not about who is in the minority; it's about the oversensitivity of muslims to insult of their religion by nonmuslims.  In a civilized society, blasphemy of all varieties is allowed, or else we run the risk of cutting off the freedom of speech.  Muslims must accept this freedom because it is a fundamental right of all humans, but they don't, and that is a problem.  Therefore we must stand on the side of the publishers and there freedom of speech even if it means supporting someone that might have made a stupid decision.  It's better to side with the idiots than with the idiots that want to take your freedom away.  
    •  It's better not to side with idiots, period. (4.00)
      Which is why I'm not siding with a person who seems to believe that Muslims, as a whole, don't like freedom - a bullshit statement on multiple levels.
      •  not what i meant (none)
        I meant the muslims that form the public opinion in Jordan, the ones that have pushed Mr. Momani into jail, and the ones that make other people on this blog think that he might be safer in jail than on the streets.   Those muslims.  
    •  Hey hey (4.00)
      Muslims must accept this freedom because it is a fundamental right of all humans, but they don't, and that is a problem.

      I agree with what you just posted. And I know that when you're talking about Muslims it's code for "Muslims who don't accept secular values" just like when people talk about "Christian Homophobia".

      But it blanket statements like that support myths like; "these cartoons are an offence to all Muslims" or "Muslims are terrorists".

      So you might want to nuance the language a bit until "some people" stop accusing anyone who criticises Islam, as an ideology, of being a Xenophobic Racist Freeper engaging in hate speech.

      Not a demand... Just a suggestion.

      •  Nuances... (none)
        I might nuance my language, but before i do, i would like to hear about a grass roots moderate muslim cleric decrying terrorism.  So far I haven't heard of any.  All I've heard is non muslims telling me that the religion has been hijacked by extremists.  I would gladly stop using blanket statements, but first someone has to prove them wrong.  
        •  They have (none)
          No. He does not. At Mount Arafat, Saudi Arabia, the chief Saudi religious voice on January 31 "decries terrorism in a Hajj sermon," according to the Associated Press. He declares that Muslims around the world are to give up on killers international. They are to put down terrorists -- just as vigorously as murderers are seeking to enslave and slaughter. He proclaimed that "those who claim to be holy warriors were an affront to the faith."

          From here.

          I get the impression that non-nutjob Muslims view their nuts the same way most Christians view Fred Phelps and abortion clinic bombers.

          It's just that they, unfortunately for them, seem to have a lot of these nutjobs running around making all of them look bad.

        •  Doesn't the hero of this diary... (4.00)
          ...Mr. Jihad Momani, prove that to you?  That there are moderate Muslims trying to express their loathing for the current situation and encourage reform?

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