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  •  Red herring - stop repeating this story! (none)
    This refusal to print cartoons of Christ thing is a total red herring.  Those cartoons were mailed to the newspaper completely unsolicited.  Try mailing anything to a newspaper unsolicited - it won't be published.  The Danish paper was polite enough to send the guy a rejection letter in which they apparently said, (1) your cartoons aren't funny and (2) they might offend.  Do you think that was a high level editorial decision or some intern trying to come up with some reasoned way of saying, "don't call us, we'll call you"?
    •  It is not a red herring. (none)
      One of the reasons the paper gave for not wanting the Christian cartoons was that they would offend. And yet they ran Muhammad cartoons precisely because they knew it would be offensive.  
      •  The point is one was solicited and the other wasnt (none)
        The newspaper sought a sampling of cartoons depicting Muhammad.  Some guy sent in a drawing of Jesus and didn't get published.  They are two completely different cases.

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