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  •  To start... (none)
    giving us a little more of the editorials content than just a paraphrase of the headline would have been nice.
    •  DKos copyright respect guidelines (none)
      are~ 3 paragraphs/fair use, and I was at the max.  I would expect someone with a UID# as low as yours should know that well, though.

      Nothing to prevent you from quoting 2-3 para's from the editorial section of the same piece that you feel are important though.

      •  You misunderstand... (none)
        I wasn't referring to your quotation but to the text of the actual article.  Beyond paraphrasing the headline of jihad's piece it says absolutely nothing about its contents.  

        It ignores the earnest concilliatory message of article and focuses virtually exclusively on the publishing of the cartoons.  

        This seems to me at least to be an attempt at inflaming the situation further on aljezeera's part which leads me to conclude that it's biased.

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