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  •  If that behavior is heroic, (4.00)
    would it also be heroic for Abraham Foxman of the jewish Anti Defamation League to publish modern anti-semitic cartoons in a contemporary (rather than a historical) context?  I think not.

    For once, I actually agree with the administration's straightforward line on this one.  Free speech must be guaranteed, but that's not carte blanche for insensitivity or insult.

    Instead of say, following Momani's example and insulting jews to prove he's not a partisan, Foxman and other jews should be demanding accountability for the treatment of Muslim prisoners in Guanatamo Bay, Uzbekistan, and the rest of the US gulag.  It's shameful that instead Foxman demanded an apology from Senator Durbin for mentioning the Nazis - as if the fact that the prisoners aren't jews justifies their abuse or makes due process optional.  Shame on Foxman, and on Durbin for acquiescing and making the apology!

    That would be heroic.  It would make headlines and be a dramatic, morally founded step toward world peace.  Muslims joining a Muslim-bashing party from the inside?  It just ain't.

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