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  •  A belated thanks... (none)
    ...I certainly didn't expect it.  I'm just glad because maybe, just maybe, this sort of support will make a difference for these two men, and make a difference for the future of Jordan.

    Jordan, btw, is the only Arab country I ever visited as a civilian.  They are a wonderful and generous people, and they deserve all the best things in life.  I think a free press is one of those things.  Maybe this will be a tiny step towards them getting one.

    •  You're welcome (none)
      It's funny, Americans have such a positive view of Jordan, I mean the regime, mostly I guess because Noor is American, Jordan has good relations with Israel, and the regime is pro-American - so it gets a pass in the US media and from our government.  But few appreciate the repressivness of the regime towards its people.

      The solution there is complicated, but I doubt there will be much liberalization until the I/P conflict is resolved - and I think that's a long time coming.

      But yeah, agreed, every little bit helps.

      •  Oh, I don't have a positive view of the regime... (none)
        ...just the people.  The people are good.  As for the rest of it, if I knew what would solve it, I'd be shouting it from the rooftops.


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