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  •  Have you contacted your Congressman? (4.00)
    Sometimes Congressmen can help constituents solve problems like this. I suggest you try this. If your congressman happens to be Hayworth or some other wingnut and he refuses to help, then please post another diary about this. I would be glad to get your story to his opponent in the upcoming election.

    Also, you could try Kyl's office; he is up for election as well.

    •  Hope (4.00)
      Yes, we are covering all bases.  We are starting with McCain and going from there.  We are also looking at legal options and such.

      As I said, I will follow up with my sister on the letter to see the exact language and such.  

      As you can imagine, the emotional level is high for us right now (mostly disbelief and anger), but we will methodically work through this and make sure this gets rectified.

      I do appreciate the dKos community for letting me vent about this.  I turn into an attack dog when my family gets messed with.

      Thanks again!

      •  If you had to have a Republican senator.. (none)
        ... to deal with on this, you could do a lot worse than McCain. He's got his faults (don't we all), but I can't recall a single instance where he didn't land 100% on the side of veterans.
      •  PLease let us know how (none)
        McCain responds.  I'm curious to hear if he has gone completely to the Dark Side.....If he doesn't help I'm writing him myself, and I live in the NW.

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