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  •  Of little concilation (4.00)
    I know this is of little concilation to your Nephew, But after my stint in the Army 1979-1983 I returned to civilian life and headed straight to college on the GI bill after my first semister my counsler called me into the office to inform me that the GI bill still hadn't anted up for the 1st semister and I'd have to pay out of pocket for the 1st and 2nd if I wished to continue my education , I was finally reimbursed for the 1st about 9 mo later but I picked up the tab for the rest of my education , I also had similar hurry up and wait problems with the VA and have never gone back , I guess what I'm saying is as proud as I am that your nephew served to protect my way of life , Don't ever rely on the government for shit !!

    Quit Bitchin !! Start a Revolution !!

    by Dbone on Tue Feb 07, 2006 at 01:23:40 PM PST

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    •  The Unpopular Truth (1.50)
      The FACT IS that the troops, their families and about 75% of the American people are lazy, lousy citizens of this country. Bushoco would NEVER have even dreamed of starting this war if Americans were good citizens. My definition of "good citizens" means citizens who worked hard at their citizenship. Were aware of the oil-related families and institutions that Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld belong to. They would have studied up on their connections to the oil industry. They would have been aware that Salem Bin Laden invested $100,000,000.00 in one of Bush's loser businesses. It would have been common knowledge in this nation that there are dozens of dictators in the world even worse than Saddam Hussain that we never lifted a finger against. They would have easily realized that Bushoco was cooking up excuses --WMD's, yellowcake uranium, aluminum tubes-- to scare ignorant citizens of this country into supporting an unprovoked invasion of a foreign country. Had they been good citizens, the 140,000 soldiers stealing Iraqi's oil would have stood up and said: "Mr. Bush, you're pathetically transparent, and we know what you want us to kill Iraqis for . . . for oil . . . oil for Chevron (Condi's company); oil for Halliburton's oilfield services division. . . ; had they been good citizens, they would have been able to guess what Cheney does not want the public to find out --the things that were discussed at his "energy task force"... Had they been good citizens, the 140,000 soldiers we have in Iraq wouldn't have said "NO MR. BUSH, I WILL NOT OBEY YOUR ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL ORDERS!"

      Where is the intellectual fortitude in this country? The intellectual vitality? Good citizenship IS NOT just complying to whatever your government demands. That's sounds more like Chinese style communism for Chrissakes!

      All these pathetic excuses for our troops. Talk about the bigotry of soft expectations. I expect young people to have backbone! To stand up to illegal orders. Where's the honor and heroism in allowing yourself to be a pawn in a corporate war for oil??

      How about some vigorous and vital citizenship? Can we try that for a change? Or is it too late?

      Michael the Archangel for Truth

    •  I had a revelation with your post! (4.00)
        You were in-service in the Reagon era! Same lack of timely payments has started again with our soldiers in the last few years (My son is a Staff Sgt. in Afghanistan and fights for his guys money and bonuses) Now, this diary is starting a new issue with refusing to pay the bonuses and being refused college tuition.  We are now in the Bushco ERA. It is all crap and has to be paid. I wonder how many soldiers just accept those letters, "Sorry, we don't have the money to pay what we owe you" I certainly hope Fitz hurries along and other investigations get rid of this entire Bushco conglomeration. I want them all in jail, with most of our media!

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