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View Diary: South Dakota Moves To Ban "ALL" Abortions (271 comments)

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  •  And which three (none)
    justices voted to strike down the Oregon assisted-suicide statute?
    •  None (none)
      That case was a very narrow question of the scope of the Controlled Substances Act.  Neither the constitutionality of CSA nor the constitutionality of Oregon's Death with Dignity act was challenegd in that litigation.
      •  Which three justices (none)
        joined in the minority opinion?

        Do you really believe that Supreme Copurt is not outcome driven?

        •  I believe that Supreme Court (none)
          should not be outcome driven.  I also believe that conservative justices are better at it tahn liberal ones.
          •  Nonresponsvie (none)
            Are the Surpreme Court Justices non-outcome driven?

            Did you vote for John Kerry?

            Did you support the Schiavo legislation?

            •  I believe that most of them are not (none)
              Witness Scalia's vote in Kyllo or flag-burning statute cases.  
              •  Exception that proves the rule (none)
                Bush v. Gore?

                The Oregon assisted suicide case?

                •  If you don't understand the issue (none)
                  in Oregon's assisted suicide case, even after I specifically explained it, then I suggest you read the actual case and not newspaper snippets.

                  The case did NOT address the constitutionality of PAS.  It did not address the constitutionality of the federal CSA.  It did not address "privacy" issues.  It was not a constitutional based case AT ALL.  All it did was address the question of statutory interpretation of the CSA.  If Congress dislikes that decision, it can change the CSA.

                  Bush v. Gore was a bad decision all around from Florida courts on up.  Though the concurring opinion which Scalia joined, made much more sense than the per curiam one.

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