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View Diary: South Dakota Moves To Ban "ALL" Abortions (271 comments)

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  •  Poison Pill (none)
    The health exemption issue is a big deal. This is a fundraising appeal, rather than a legal issue. They want the SCOTUS to be too horrified to act, so that the lower Federal courts get to take the heat, while the SD lawmakers don't pay any political price for reinstating coat hanger abortions, since their "ban" is never allowed to take effect.

    They're dangerous, but they are still essentially clowns. They know that if they start throwing doctors in jail, mothers and fathers are next, forced vasectomy becomes a real possibility, and a new era of strident battles over contraception as opposed to abstinence will enter the living rooms of their quiet rural dwelling constituents. That'll dry up that religious wacko money toute suite.

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