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View Diary: South Dakota Moves To Ban "ALL" Abortions (271 comments)

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  •  thanks for the info (none)
    but I was speaking about home pregnancy tests (OTC).  They advise on testing based on missed period days (even though we know they're generally accurate about two weeks after ovulation occurred - though that may differ from when you expect it will occur).  They use percentages like 97 and 99 percent accurate, based on the hCG levels, which increase with days after the missed period.  The urine HPTs I've taken are very accurate the later they're taken.  I've never taken a blood test or a pregnancy test administered by a doctor/nurse.  I believe that's what you're referring to above.

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    by deep6 on Fri Feb 10, 2006 at 01:46:26 PM PST

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    •  home pregnancy tests can detect earlier, too (none)
      There's less accuracy with a home test, but it's not as inaccurate as you think. I'm sorry, I don't know the exact percentage, but according to my wife (who tracks obsessively and understands the science) and her physician (who's an OB), most of the risk is for false negatives, not false positives. If you get a positive at any stage, a pregnancy probably exists at that moment, though there's a high chance (30%+, maybe as high as 50% according to some) of spontaneous abortion.

      As pointed out by Gretchen, a pregnancy 10 days after ovulation is reliably detectable using current home kits, and that's on average four days before the end of the cycle. I've seen positives during that period more than once, so I'm not relying on hearsay.

      I think the manufacturers use missed periods as a guideline because they don't want to overpromise, and most of their customers are likely to wait until post-period to test. It may also be an FDA guideline. But reality is, they can detect several days earlier. The question is, why detect when there's such a high risk of spontaneous termination, unless you have to?

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      by seaprog on Fri Feb 10, 2006 at 02:01:00 PM PST

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