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View Diary: Laura Bush: Hillary's Criticism is Out of Bounds (232 comments)

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  •  The Game (4.00)
    Republicans have been playing this game forever and Laura Bush is as phony as any of the players:

    Smear, then accuse your opponents of smearing.
    Attack viciously, then accuse your opponents of attacking.
    Be an unprincipled partisan, then accuse your opponents of putting partisanship ahead of principle.
    Lie, then accuse your opponents of being liars.
    Be corrupt, then accuse your opponents of corruption.
    Crucify (D) Presidents, then claim the 'office should be respected' for (R) administrations.

    The handicap to the game now:

    The Republican party is in lockstep, but the Democratic party has losing consultants, shifty so-called 'liberal' pundits, and handwringing backbenchers who parrot the smears of the other side.

    Let's see how things would go if Democrats were Republicans in responding to the First Lady:

    To the best of my knowlege... Hillary Clinton never got behind the wheel of a car and slaughtered somebody. Bill Clinton was never a falling-down drunk with a white powder-caked nose who serially drove companies into decline or bankruptcy and started a war of choice that has killed thousands on lies. Al Gore didn't sit around in the Vice President's office ordering national security to be violated for petty political paybackery.

    But hey, that's... that's... just out of bounds. Completely outrageous. It's unfair and offensive to say aloud or put into print and it's partisanship taken way over the line. So, very, Republican.

    Pssst. Did you happen to read any of the Vince Foster books in the 1990's, Laura? Did you see any of the 'Clinton body count' websites back then? You good 'christian' people invented the gutter and mastered the art of slinging feces for cheap mastery of the 24 hour news cycle. If you want to know how this became the norm of American politics... ask Turd Blossom.

    Better yet, ask go ask his mentor, Lee Atwater.

    If you want... I'll get you a shovel and a fire-proof suit for the journey to his current address.


    The Washington Post takes the gold for most dishonorable partisan hack as an ombusperson

    by LeftHandedMan on Sat Feb 11, 2006 at 05:53:06 PM PST

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