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  •  Will you be my Valentine ??? (4.00)

    When you're a Liberal, love is always in the air

    Happy Valentine's Day, Kossacks!!


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    •  Where do we send the Godiva chocs? (4.00)
      No fooling, you deserve a box of the best for all the joy, laughter and tears your hard work brings ever weekend. And I do mean bringing it.
      Alternate love offering: Lindt's Orange Intense, a take-your-shoes-off kind of choc so you get the reverb coming back off the toes.

      Meta Legume:? Eat! Dance! Fight! Resist!

      by Peanut on Sun Feb 12, 2006 at 01:52:48 AM PST

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      •  I already gained 3 lbs this winter... (none)
        Last year I made an effort not to gain weight during the holidays.  

        You know in a 62 day period, we have Halloween, Turkey day, X-mas, and (burp) New years.  Well I made through without gaining an once.

        Then I tore up my knee in late march and when I went to the doctor, I had gained 8 lbs in just three months!!  I couldn't figure it out - I mean there's no drinking and partin' goin on for President's day or Arbor day (and I hurt myself before St Paddy's day).  The weight come off easy enough in summer, but still, you got a roll on during winter.

        Well, Back to the future.

        I didn't gain an once during the holidays (Halloween incld, thankyou).  But this year I decided to get on the scale during the "off-season," and crap, I've gained 3 lbs. since new years!! I mean, it's been to cold and rainy to  do anything fatting - everybody's been staying home or draining their garage.  I know it's a metabolism thing, because come June I can't gain an once.

        That said, I'm so flattered, Peanut.

        Thank you!

        And, I still luv your Mr Peanut massage story.

        •  Okay ... stay at your fighting weight (none)
          Don't know if you're still following this thread, but just in case:

          If chocs aren't your performance enhancing drug of choice and there's any other way to assist you through aches and pains -- downloadable, paypal'able, supporting one of your pet causes -- please do share.

          I'm just getting off a lonnnnnng rehab of a blown knee and wrist myself, so I sympathize. If it weren't for Vox, I'd be a crazy -- make that crazier -- woman.

          And, I still luv your Mr Peanut massage story.

          Yikes, was the loofah/falafel out loud? 8-} That's the only downside of using Vox. (Mr. P lurks the roundup so he'll let me know ... or if any other thought out loud stuff got vox'd out of the bag here.)

          Meta Legume:? Eat! Dance! Fight! Resist!

          by Peanut on Mon Feb 13, 2006 at 04:22:47 AM PST

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    •  There's love in dem eyes... (4.00)
      I smiled through the whole thing. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent with us.

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