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  •  A Service Worth Saving (4.00)
    I caught some of the replay on CSpan last nite, too.  After all of the whining by the poor, victimized Bushies, it was great to watch it again.  Such a unique and moving moment--so much there from so many.  

    Interesting, I think--when Bill Clinton pauses or 'stumbles'--it's on purpose and for effect.  I think CNN is running it again today, and maybe CSpan again--with all their protestations, u just can't shut down the wellspring of emotions and remembrances the service elicits.  I thoroughly welcome the opportunity for more and more people to view it again--or for the first time--with their own eyes.  Jimmy Carter and Rev. Lowery are not some caricatures.  Maya Angelou is incredible.  As strong as my feelings are on the subject, I don't feel the need to direct or censor--just let people see what it really was and is, free of the misdirections of the misinformed.  

    Yesterday, Whatsizname on Fox actually apologized for not even knowing that Rev. Lowery's comments HAD received an overwhelming ovation.  

    The service was moving and inspirational.  Watch, people, the fitting sendoff afforded this Lady of Grace by her friends and family.......

    •  Angelou (none)
      Excellent observations, serrano. Thank you. I didn't know someone on Fox actually admitted the standing ovation. One of many!

      Yes, Bill may do things on purpose. It's good delivery. :) I love him. It may have been Peggy Noonan who commented that Bill is the only one in the world who could have said "frozen chozen" and known that he'd get a big laugh. He was in his element in a way. I'd never heard 'frozen chosen' before, but I laughed too. :)

      I missed Maya, hope I can catch her at some point. I'm not a big fan, but I haven't seen that much of her. C-Span has been showing excerpts the last day or so rather than the entire ceremony. I really missed out.

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